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Looking for cheap quotes for car insurance? Be careful, you have just entered a jungle in which ethics have gone out of the window. You of course are as honest as the day is long but not every insurance purchaser is as truthful as you are. Trying to fiddle insurance companies either by getting cheaper policies by fair means or claiming payouts which are completely unjustified is now a national sport in the UK.

How do people get cheaper quotations than they really should? Easy. They put down incorrect information into proposal forms on price comparison websites. As a result they get offered policies for far less money than they would be charged if they had been completely truthful and they think they have a bargain. They are in fact the victims rather than the winners.

Insurance companies have had long years of experience of dealing with problems like this and they have seen everything. Some of them – we could say the most ethical ones – check the details that had been entered very quickly, and please believe me that it is very easy indeed for them to do this. This is after all the Internet in which privacy belongs to yesterday. These companies will do one of two things if they find discrepancies; either demand an extra premium to cover the difference between what was charged and what should have been charged, or they will cancel the policy completely and in the majority of cases they will extract a substantial cancellation fee. Can they do this? Of course, it is written quite clearly in the policy documentation and you did read that before buying the policy, didn't you. Other companies will only check up on these details after a claim has been put to them. Again, if there are discrepancies they are probably fully justified in refusing to pay out; after all this was, again, clearly spell out in the documentation. In this case of course they will be fully justified in keeping most of the premium that is being paid even though they are paying out for none of the benefits that the buyer thought that he or she was entitled to.

In a perfect world those purchasing car insurance would do their very best to submit accurate information when they filled in proposal forms. The insurance companies would then immediately check these figures in real time, pointing out any discrepancies that came to light. The problem then would be that the motorists would probably not by the policies if they had to pay full price, and the insurance companies would not be able to snatch back substantial sums when they were able to prove that their clients had given them false data. Am I a cynic if I say the current situation suits both the buyers, and the sellers, of car insurance?

The moral of this story is clear. Search for cheap car insurance quotations by all means; a good way to start is by using price comparison services. You can do so in the sure and certain knowledge that the minority who try to cheat the system - and in doing so push premiums up for honest people like yourself - will almost certainly come a cropper.

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